Admission to 1st course (for certificates of ET)

When admitting the first course, the submission of certificates of Ukrainian Center for Evaluation of Education Quality with the results of this year external independent evaluation passage is mandatory, except in cases stipulated by the Conditions of admission to higher education institutions of Ukraine and other normative documents.

In 2018, certificates of external independent evaluation obtained in 2017 and 2018 will be taken into account, with the exception of a foreign language certificate – the 2018 certificate will be only accepted.

Name of  speciality

Name of Study Program

Certificate list (with weights)

Minimum number of points for admission to the competition or enrollment for training by quota, per interview

171 Electronics

Electronic and information technologies for cinematography and audiovisual systems

Mathematics (0,5)

Physics or foreign language (0,2)

One not less than 125, provided that the other is not less than 100

Ukrainian language and literature (0,2)


Information for admission of foreign entrants.

Conditions of entry for foreign entrants.

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