Educational Program “Electronic Multimedia Systems and Internet of Things Tools”

And you can do that too !!!

If you want to learn how to shoot movies and process video content, if you want to be able to edit video clips and create visual effects, if you want to know everything about sound recording and audio processing, if you are interested in how the content you created is transmitted through various telecommunication technologies, then come to us – to the Department of Audio Engineering and Information Registration !!!

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The department is the only one in Ukraine that trains technicians for television and cinematography on study program

«Electronic and Information Technologies of Cinematography and Audiovisual Systems»

and technicians in the field of electronic and information technologies on study program

«Electronic Means of IoT and Video Surveillance Systems»

Educational program united and absorbed all the best achievements of such specialties as “Telecommunication systems and networks” and “Audio, video and cinema engineering”, belonging to the field of ​​study Electronics and telecommunications.

The department provides education for the degree of:
Bachelor – 4 years in full-time education and 5 years in part-time education;
Master – 1 year 10 months in full-time and part-time education;
Ph.D. – 4 years of education.

Accents in education:
• general programming: С++, С#, Matlab, HTML, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Python;
• technologies of filming and sound recording, cinema and TV production, video editing and video compositing, sound processing: Adobe Premiere, Avid Composer, Edius; Sound Forge, Nuendo; Adobe After Effects, Design Fusion; Blender, Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4D, Motion Capture;
• use of professional IT technologies: Cisco Packet Tracer, Atoll, Cell Planner, Riverbed Modeler, nanoCAD СКС;
• wireless and wired technologies of content transmission (3G/4G, Wi-Fi, VSAT, DVB, FTTB, FTTH, CATV, IoT);
• IoT platforms (Arduino, Raspberry Pi);
• interactive teaching methods (Cisco Academy);
• practical and scientific activities of students.

Practice and employment:
– «Астеліт (Life)»,«Укртелеком», «Київстар», «Укрнет», «МТС», «Бліц-Інформ», «Українські новітні технології», «Радіоконнект», «Воля-кабель», «Lanet», «Телесистеми України» ect;
– «УТ1», «ICTV», «Студія 1+1», «Україна», «Міжнародний Медіа Центр – СТБ», «Національна кіностудія художніх фільмів ім. О.Довженка», Спілка звукорежисерів України, «Будинок звукозапису ТРМ», «Кіносвіт», «Акустичні матеріали», «Тріумф Медіа Груп», СП Комора, Громадське телебачення», «Інженер Сервіс» та багато інших.

Teaching stuff:
Teachers of the department are experts in their respective fields, and actively participate in international research programs and projects. The department maintains relations with Germany, Poland, Moldova, Bulgaria, Sweden, France, Italy, Israel, the United States where students have the opportunity of education and traineeship.

The department also provides training of Ukrainian and foreign students in English.

Academic Yangel stret, 9/16, 12th building of Igor Sikorski Kyiv Politechnic Institute, Kyiv, 03056, Ukraine.
tel. +380 44 236 60 93, +380 44 454 90