History of department

ztri history

Dean of the Electroacousting Faculty,
manager of the department of cinema technology
B. Natarov

The border of millenniums is an important determinant in the history of the department of audio engineering and information registration, which celebrates its 80-years-old anniversary. The department history began in September 1930, when on the basis of Odessa technical college of cinematography and the cinema faculty of the Kiev artistic institute the Kiev institute of cinematography was founded (from 1935 it was the Kiev institute of cinema engineers (KICI)). Scenario, producer, actor, operator, photochemical and engineers of sound-films faculties worked at the institute.

In 1944 – 1948 the institute was headed by a leading specialist – founder of the system of the cinema network in Ukraine Kostyantyn Pletnikov. From 1948 to 1954 Mykola Fedoritenko was the director, and Boris Natarov was his deputy, he was the future manager of the department of cinema technology and the dean of the electro-acoustic faculty. The dean of the cinema faculty was Mykola Pasichnik.

From 1954 the department history has been connected with the Kiev polytechnic institute (KPI), when KIKI by the decision of the Council of Ministers of Ukraine was united with KPI, at first as the faculty of cinema engineers, and from 1957 – as the electro-acoustic faculty. The deans of electro-acoustic faculty during its existence were the representatives of the department of cinema technology and the department of sound technology and registration of information. In the period of reorganization (in 1954) during short time the duties of dean were executed by the department professors M.D. Fedoritenko and A.M. Yur’ev.

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The first manager of the department of cinema
engineering О. Bull in the film’s projection laboratory (pre-war photo)

In the next period till 1981 B.F. Natarov was the dean, and in 1981 – 1996 – V.G. Abakumov. In 1996 the faculty of electronics was founded on basis of electro-acoustic and electronic technique faculties, it became unique in Europe and Ukraine by the list of specialities and amount of students.

The department was the only in Ukraine, which on the base of the newest scientific achievements carried out the training of the specialists of the cinema network. In 1983 it had got the modern name of the department of sound technology and registration of information.

From 1954 it graduated engineers-electricians of the speciality «sound technology», and from 1964 – additionally the speciality of «technician of magnetic record». In 1959–1960 two groups of TV-operators were graduated for the Kiev television centre.

In 1985 the branch of department was created on the research-and-production association «Mayak». From 1986 the training of engineers of the speciality «the systems and complexes of radio communication, broadcast and television», afterwards – the «telecommunication systems and networks», and also of the speciality «video, audio and cinema technology» was organized.

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Device of  digital magnetic recording of new generation МP-5

The main scientific directions and educational activities of the department:

- Application of of technologies and means of intelligent networks for the exchange of information at a distance;
- Network and multi-channel communication systems;
- Systems and technical means of radio and television broadcasting, electroacoustics and voice informatics, multimedia equipment.
- Systems and technical means of information security in telecommunication systems;
- Systems of satellite and mobile communication;
- Application of modern technologies and means of recording and reproducing information in information systems for industrial, public and social purposes;
- Systems and technical means of reproduction of audio and video for large human contingent, limited contingent, individual;
- Systems and technical means of recording and processing of scientific, technical and operational information;
- Management operational and service of audio and video-technical equipment;
- Compression system of language and video-information;
- Electromagnetic compatibility of radio electronic means.

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Multi-channel digital recirder of information in the format of compauter data. Ukrain’s first stand-alone joimt storage of information, 1969.


Specialists from the Departments, the ability to develop and maintain modern telecommunication systems and networks, telecommunications facilities, prepare the program broadcast on the basis of computer technology, as well as develop, implement, and use of modern audio-visual equipment.

Over the years the Department has prepared more than 4,500 engineers, two doctors and 70 candidates of sciences. Now set of students is 65 people, graduate students – 4-7 people.

At the department worked and work laureates:

- State Prize of the USSR, 1946. – Ph.D. S. Wexler (1914-1993);

- State Prize of Ukraine 1976 – Honoured Inventor of the USSR, prof. G.I.Kornienko (1936-2005); 1989 – Honored Worker of Science and Technology, Professor Emeritus “KPI”, prof. VG Abakoumov and prof. G.M.Rozorinov;

- Lenin Komsomol Prize of the USSR in 1985. – Ph.D. V.S.Lazebny.

At the head of the team were such scholars organizers of teaching and research:


Data recording devices aeromagnetic survey “Magnet-2″ and &&

1930 – 1954  – Alex and Menashevich Ball, associate professor, candidate of technical sciences;

1954 – 1975  – Boris Fedorovich Natarov, associate professor, candidate of technical sciences;

1975 – 1980  – Oleg Antonovich Yanusheuski, associate professor, candidate of technical sciences;

1980 – 2005  – George Valentin Abakoumov Jovic, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences;

2005 – 2007  – Nikolai Makarenko, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences;

2007 – 2009  – Vladimir Volodimirovich Pilinsky, Professor, Ph.D. technical sciences;

since 2009. – Anna Vlasyuk, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences.