Development concept

The conception of the Department of Audio Engineering and Registration of Information Development in current conditions of NTUU “KPI” requirements with respect to priorities realisation – specialists training quality in the department specialities: “Telecommunication systems and networks”, “Audio-, video-, and Cinematographic Engineering”.

1. Aim

1.1. Raising of education significance and prestige in the fields of information and telecommunication technologies (ICT) as well as multimedia and entertainment technologies (MET).

1.2. Improvement of studying, scientific research, professional retraining conditions and opportunities according to the areas of specialists, students, department staff training in the fields of ICT and multimedia and entertainment technologies.

1.3. The curricula making up and improvement taking account of the employer’s requirements and keeping up-to-date with scientific conditions and perspectives in the training areas.

1.4.Involving the leading organizations, companies, ICT and entertainment technologies enterprises resources into the educational process and fitting out the department with the up-to-date equipment.

1.5. Activation of international cooperation in the spheres of scientific research, specialists training and students exchange for getting an education, taking part in conferences and other scientific events, practical training organization.

The conception has two integrated components: organization and substantial.
2. Organization tasks of department activity.

2.1. Educational work::

  • making of the specialists training structural logical scheme based on the determined areas of employers requirements, forming the creative approach to work;
  •  providing of the education continuity on the basis of the advanced training system arrangement for graduates, teachers and other employers on the department specialities;
  • improvement of in-depth fundamental study on department specialities taking account of graduates qualifications and positions on the basis of the structural logical scheme of curricula;
  • improvement of the educational process forms and methods putting a priority on individual lessons demanding an unassisted creative work using up-to-date computer technologies;
  • working out and conducting of permanent knowledge internal department monitoring on department subjects;
  • organizing the department competitions and training for students to take part in international level competitions;
  • arrangement of the professional guidance system to work with young people in Kyiv and other centers of population in Ukraine, Minor Academy of Sciences members and workers in the spheres of specialists training by the department for tuition by correspondence;
  • improvement of working relationships between the teaching staff and students taking account of the sociological researches results;
  • improvement of organization and methodical ware for course projects using computer educational technologies as the base of future professional projects;
  • thorough analysis of modern enterprises as the base of practical training and future places of employment;
  • attraction of the specialists from the enterprises – future places of employment to educational process (certain parts).

2.2.Scientific work:

  • according to specialists training areas forming of the scientific groups to make applications for works at the expense of state budget or enterprises, institutions, etc; and to carry out the relevant researches ( not less than 150 thousand UAH a year);
  •  taking part in international contests basing on collaboration with foreign higher educational institutions and others;
  • involving of all years students to take part in scientific researches including 100% of graduate students;
  • сimprovement of the candidates and doctors of sciences training system ( each professor must advise not less than 3 postgraduates and 1 doctoral candidate, and also associate professors should control postgraduates);
  • taking part in innovative activity of new technologies implementation;
  • collaboration with The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine institutions involving the department subsidiaries (if it is possible) and others;
  • preparation of articles, reports for conferences, etc.;
  • arrangement of the students scientific conferences in particular on the base of qualification papers.

2.3 Methodological work:

  • training based on modern technology books, textbooks, teaching materials modernized according to the current state and prospects of development of industries in the fields of department and requirements for employers, including the electronic format;
  • improvement of laboratory work using modern equipment and computer technology;
  • teachers master in various types of teaching process of modern computer technology.

2.4. Organization work:

  • concluding contracts between employers and our graduates;
  • compiling a list of necessary equipment and licensed software;
  • foreign students involvement in the education;
  • teacher’s training (20% / year, that is each teacher once every 5 years).

3. Contingent

The Contingent of Department consist from students, teachers, members of the department, future applicants, employees of enterprises, institutions, etc. in the specializations of the department.

4. The organization structure of the department

4.1 Head of Department.

4.2. Deputy Heads of Department and responsible for:

  • organization,
  • training,
  • scientific area
  • methodological area,
  • educational area,
  • practical work,
  • students’ employment;
  • cooperation between research institutions, enterprises in the directions of training.

5. Resources

  • rooms for professors and lecturers, graduates, postgraduates;
  • laboratories;
  • computer classes;
  •  recording studio;
  • mini cinema;
  • mini radio- television centre.

6. Financing

  • budgetary and contractual work;
  • contractual agreements of Ukrainian and foreign students;
  • institutions and enterprises employing our graduates;
  • sponsors.

Содержательная составляющая концепции

Должно быть в приложениях по данным ведущих и молодых преподавателей кафедры после ознакомления с организационной.

The concept of the AE&RI department in the speciality of “Audio-, video- and Cinematographic Engineering

1. Business concept of the Department according to the specialty “Audio-, video-  and cinematographic engineering”:

  • training of engeneers (bachelors) and young scientists (Master) in “Audio-, video- and cinematographic engineering”;
  • formation of bases-specialty practices;
  • founding a branch of the Department;
  • focus on public and private organizations and leading enterprises of Ukraine in the field of Video, Audio and Film technique: National Cinema Studio of feature films named after O.Dovzhenko, “Filmotechnica”, “Kinosvit”, ”LITER”, Engineer service, Technomedia, Kinotehnik, NEC “TV video” NTU, KDTRK, TV companies: “Inter”, “1+1″, “Ukraine”, “Noviy”, STB , ISTV, Ltd. “Television and Communications”, “Special-TV” (Odessa) Ltd. “Audiomaster”, Filmdistribution-UKRAINE (Sumy), film distribution organization of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities;
  • participation of students in national and international projects on film, television and radio;
  • collaboration with leading technical universities in Ukraine and Europe;
  • the development of computer multimedia technology;
  • scope of graduates:

- state organizations, institutions and enterprises: National Cinema Studio of feature films named after O.Dovzhenko, NTU, KDTRK, DKBK (Odessa), Research Institute of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine and others;

- private organizations, institutions and enterprises, “Filmotekhnik”, “Kinosvit”, ”LITER”, Engineer service, Technomedia, Kinotehnik, NEC “TVvideo” NTU, KDTRK, TV company “Inter”, “1 +1″, “Ukraine”, “Noviy”, STB, ISTV, Ltd.” Television and Communications”, “Special-TV” (Odessa) Ltd. “Audiomaster”, Filmdistribution-UKRAINE (Sumy), Zinteco, Laytek (Odessa) and others;

  • positions for which specialists are trained: motion-picture engineer, television engineer, video engineer, sound engineer, lighting engineer and engineer of film, television, video-, audio- system integration and design, research specialist by profession (assistant). Need to expand the list and after basic and technical education to enable willing (and not only from National Technical University “KPI”) on a contract basis during the additional year of training to get another bachelor’s degree in the specialty soundman, cameraman of television, film director, video editing, involving for such specialization required of teachers of creative direction (soundman, camerateleoperator, director from among those that have the honorary title of Honored Artist of Ukraine, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine, etc.);
  • Actual job: engineers of TV companies, film distribution in Kyiv and Ukraine, film studios, post-production audio-video studios, engineers of cinema system integration, television, video, audio equipment and projection of television, video, and audio studios and systems of movie screening, managers, technical specialists and consultants to implement cameratelevideoequipment,picture editors recording engineers and montage of phonograms in movies and on television.

2. Structural-logical scheme of the educational process:

  • basic training;
  • general engineering training;
  • professional training;
  • apprenticeship training;
  • targeted training – for orders of specific institutions and through training on a contractual basis of creative professionals (camera man,producer of picture-video montage, soundman, director of lighting for theater and shows, a specialist in computer graphics design and games).

3.Teaching of the learning process: books, manuals, methodical plans, prepared by scientists from the departments of ST and RI, and other authors and appropriate translations of foreign publications. We bring to the collaboration and funding printing of textbooks and teaching materials of “Comtel”, “Engineer-service”, “Mac-House” Opta “,” NESATEC, “” Eve, “, “Kinosvit “,representations of ” Panasonic “,” Sony “,magazine” TV- Technology “and others.
4. Material-technical base – offers individually decorated.

5. Staffing and scientific activity – education department teaching staff, graduates, job seekers, candidates and doctors of technical sciences.

6. Scientific work:

  • one of the scientific research areas can be digital audio, film and video technologies, research and advanced development of creating and recording stereo and digital stereo cinematic images, research and development of restoration of archival audio, video and cinema materials. This work can be done at the expense of budget , and on request of private organizations of movie rentals;
  • creation of scientific and technical learning centre “Equipment and audio, video and cinematic technology”. To implement this direction it is necessary to allocate a separate room, equipped with alarm system and bring to work such companies as “Komtel”, ” Engineer Service”, “Mc-house”, “ Opta “,” Kinosvit “,” Palette “, journal “TV Technology ” etc. ( the agreement with them was reached till now days). This centre will give an opportunity to conduct practical classes, laboratory work and carry out advanced research;
  • acting as founders or cofounders of professional SCC edition as an annex to the journal “TV Technology”, or registering the journal “TV Technology” (the founder of the private journal O.V. Kulchytskyy – 8-067-953-97-36 is interested in such cooperation), as professional journal of SCC. In the existing editorial board of this journal today there are more than three doctors of science from the relevant field – including V.G.Abakumov, G.G.Vlasyuk , Y.G. Savchenko – staff members (“KPI”, Department ZTRI), which is required by SCC. As for other items required by SCC (circulation, distribution, free electronic copy, etc…) the journal meets the requirements of SCC. (According to the Decree of SCC of Ukraine, № 29 from 24.01.2009 a new list of special editions began to be formed).