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Digital and pulse circuitry. Modeling and analysis. Electronic textbook / V. Makarenko, V. Spivak. – K.: “KPI”, 2015. – 314 p., il.

The textbook discussed wide range of issues related to the study, design, analysis, simulation and use of elements and components of digital and pulse devices using NI Multisim.

The textbook is intended for students of technical specialties of higher educational institutions.

УДК 621.382.2 / .3 (075.8)
ББK 32,844 1я73

Full text of the textbook is available for viewing by sections:

Section 1. Simulation Program NI Multisim
Section 2. Signals and their research methods
Section 3. Passage pulse signals through RC circuits
Section 4. Transistor rich switches
Section 5. Mathematical principles of digital devices
Section 6. Structure of basic logic elements
Section 7. The combination circuits
Section 8. Trigger elements
Section 9. Registers
Section 10. Pulse counters
Section 11. Pulse generators
Section 12. The storage devices
Section 13. The use of digital integrated circuits