On the basis of junior specialist

Більш детальну інформацію про вступ на 1 курс КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського (на базі диплому молодшого спеціаліста) ти можеш дізнатися із сайту приймальної комісії.

Individuals who have received education and qualification level “junior specialist” are eligible to participate in the competition by a results of external testing or exams of such competitive subjects:

1. Mathematics
2. Physics

Duration of education
Bachelor (based on junior specialist) – 2 years and 10 months (3 academic years).

License applicants volumes set to Faculty of Electronics in 2017 for educational level “bachelor” for applicants on the basis of the acquired educational qualification level “junior specialist”:

Faculty Program Subject Area Study Program License volume (for applicants from level “junior specialist»)
Full-time Part-time
Electronics 171 Electronics Electronic devices and equipment 20 10
Electronic components and systems 8 5
Electronic and Information technologies of cinematography and audiovisual systems 20 0

* Admission of students is planned at the expense of individuals and entities (within the licensed amount)

More information on admitting the 1 course of Igor Sikorsky KPI (on basis of junior specialist diploma) you can learn from site of Admission Committee.