By certificate of External testing

For admission to Igor Sikorsky KPI at the Faculty of Electronics for training in the Program Subject Area 171 Electronics, Study Program «Electronic and Information Technologies of Cinematography and Audiovisual Systems» applicants are accepted who have completed secondary education. During the 2017 admission campaign the External testing certificates of 2016 and 2017 years are valid .

The list of competitive items:

Program Subject Area

Study Program

The list of certificates (weights)

The minimum score for admission to the competition

171 Electronics

Electronic and Information Technologies of Cinematography and Audiovisual Systems

Mathematics (0,5)

Physics or foreign language (0,2)

One of at least 125 on the condition that another at least 100

Ukrainian language and literature (0,2)


Documents required for entry can be found here (in pdf).

More information on admitting the 1 course of Igor Sikorsky KPI (by External testing certificates) you can learn from site of Admission Committee.

Licensed educational volumes on specialties of Faculty of Electronics by educational level “Bachelor” in 2017 year you can see under the link (in pdf).

Detailed info about Department of Audio Engineering and Information Registration – in booklet №1, booklet №2 та info sheet.

Booklet №1

Booklet №2