Admission to master degree

Admission to the master degree program training

Documents (submission of applications) and the competitive events for applicants to study the master’s degree will be held on the following dates:

  • admission documents (submission of applications): from 03.07 to 07.07 and from 24.07 to 04.08.2017 year;
  • admission exams (professional, foreign language and additional): from 08.07 to 15.07 or from 05.08 to 11.08.2017 in accordance with the schedule approved by the head of the relevant Certification Commission.

Since 2015 admission is allowed for master degree program training at the bachelor’s degree, acquired in another specialty, subject to successful passage of additional admission examinations.

More information on admitting the 5 course of Igor Sikorsky KPI (Master degree Program) you can learn from site of Admission Committee.

Name of specialty and relevant specialization, which is announced to admit students – for dergees of “Specialist” and “Master”:

Speciality (code and name)

Specialization (name)

171 Electronics Electronic and Information Technologies of Cinematography and Audiovisual Systems

Program of additional admission tests for 5th year studing at Faculty of Electronics (if a bachelor’s degree gained in other areas of study) with specialization “Electronic and Information Technologies of Cinematography and Audiovisual Systems” can be downloaded in .pdf format

Disciplines of integrated professional examination for admission to study at degree of “Master” (specialization “Electronic and Information Technologies of Cinematography and Audiovisual Systems”):

  1. Theory of electrical circuits.
  2. Fundamental theory of telecommunications.
  3. Theory of information and coding.
  4. Systems of radio- and television broadcasting.

Download in .pdf format integrated professional application tests.